Hotel Africa

Definitely the best choice in Tetuan. Old arabic house and amazing views from the roof terrace are unforgettable.

Hotel Africa is a guesthouse located in a pittoresque street of the ancient quarter (medina) of Tetuan. Situated just few steps from Royal Palace it represents a perfect point of departure for your brownian-motion-like walks through the medina as well as a romantic port of your stay.

The guesthouse is ubicated in typical 300 years old arabic house with big patio. The stunning ornamental decoration, arabic arches and light flowing through the patio roof can make even the most down to earth traveller write poems. The terrace on the roof offers a great view on the medina and the Royal Palace.

We like to get involved with our guests, share with them our carefully brewed tea and give them some essential tips and recommendations not only about Tetouan but the whole Morocco.

We know how important is to feel safe during your journey and you can be sure that Hotel Africa is the safest place in the whole Morocco. There is no other place in Africa you will feel more like at home.

Morocco is certainly not known as the tidiest place in the world but we hope Hotel Africa is. Our floors are always shining and our sheets are always snow white. In the summer we place a basil plant in every window to drive away all the mosquitos.

In Hotel Africa you can feel the authentic essence of Morocco. It`s not a zoo for tourists, it is a place where you will fall in love in Tetouan and its long history.