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  1. Ivan Lardon says:

    Definitely the best place to stay in Tetouan. Nordin will become the godfather of your children!!! So nice he is.

  2. Emily says:

    Hotel Africa rocks!!!

  3. Peter says:

    Anyone wanting to experience the friendlier yet authentic part of Morroco should consider hotel africa as a first option. Nordin is fun but the best thing is the tea he serves the guests all the time. Definitely recommended.

  4. Tereza says:

    I stayed in Tetuan for 3 days and I have to say it was my best time in Morocco. Not only because the medina in Tetuan is great, but also because the owner of Hotel africa, Nordin, is an awesome guy. Definitely I will come back.

  5. Franc says:

    Great tip, Nordin is a perfect host, everything is clean and safe. Anyone considering cheap but clean accommodation should stay definitely here.

  6. Ludwig says:

    Wir erlebten fabelhafte Unterkunft und besonders Herr Vermieter war grossartig. Besser als funf-sterne Hotel. Also definitiv zum Empfehlen!

  7. Ale Regas says:

    The house is marvelous. The rooms are simple but clean and the landlord is a really nice person.

  8. Petrsoon says:

    Nordin is really an incredible host. Im only afraid that we ate and drank more in our 4 days stay than we actually paid for the accommodation. Anyway – if you want to live an authentic and pleasant experience of Tetouan, stay in Africa.

  9. oliveta says:

    We stayed 3 nights in Hotel Africa and we were amazed by hospitality of Nordin. We have never drunk so many cups of sugery tea in our life. The rooms and the bathroom are basic but clean. We would definitely come back.

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